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Cobb & Son have been farming at Washingborough since the mid 1930’s and the third and fourth generation are running the business today. In 1994 before the word diversification became popular we opened our Farm Shop, this was mainly to supply the passing public with our potatoes and some lines of bought in fruit and vegetables. As time has passed we now grow a wide range of produce to sell, this includes asparagus, beetroot, beans broad dwarf and runner, broccoli, Brussels, butternut squash, cabbage, calabrese, carrots, celeriac, courgettes, garden peas, gooseberries, leeks, lettuce, marrows, onions, pumpkins, raspberries, rhubarb, tomatoes and we take pride in our freshness and quality that is only seen in our farm shop but because we have a limited amount, that we can supply, we have to source from outside, we always use local produce where possible. Where that is not possible, bananas and oranges for example, we source the best quality available from the whole sale markets.

We supply one of the very best varieties of potatoes MARFONA this variety produces round and bold potatoes with a slightly yellow flesh and is excellent for jackets, roasts, mash, boiled and chips, in fact two local restaurants public houses prefer our MARFONA to any other variety, try them, you won’t buy a different variety again.

Jean runs the shop supported by Stephen & Paul.

Charcoal for your barbecue and logs for your fire are available all year round. In the Spring bedding plants are available for your gardens, these plants have been raised from seeds or cuttings in modules or trays and pots by the family, compost and grow bags are supplied for you to grow your plants on, this compost is one of the best available in the marketplace, you will also find several different varieties of tomato plants and F1 cucumbers and other vegetable plants for sale.

From the Farm, Hay and straw are available in small bales, and wheat in 25kg bags for your chickens and ducks.

There is plenty of parking space.

In the summer of 2008 we decided to sell farm models, we now stock a rang of models from Britains, ERTL, Norscot, Siku and Universal hobbies. They are mostly in the 1:32 scale. With some 1:16 scale and 1:50 scale. Any model manufactured today by these manufacturers can be ordered, we can take orders for models over the phone.

All major credit cards accepted.

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